Aquarium Sales
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Sizes (LxWxH)Gallons
Cleaning Dep.
Empty WeightFull Weight
36″x36″x27″ steel base on wheels152$1,000.00$300.00200.001,500.00
36″x36″x28″ steel base on wheels157$1,000.00$300.00200.001,500.00
36″x36″x30″ steel base on wheels. (30″ tall)168$1,000.00$300.00225.001,650.00
36″x36″x36″ steel base on wheels. (30″ tall)202$1,000.00$300.00270.002,000.00
40″x36″x30″ steel base on wheels. (30″ tall)187$1,000.00$300.00280.001,900.00
42″x19″x36″ steel stand on wheels. (36″ tall)124$1,500.00$300.00325.001,250.00
48″x48″x4.00″ steel stand on wheels. 30″ tall40$750.00$100.0090.00400.00
48″x48″x12″ steel stand on wheels. (30″ tall)120$750.00$100.00120.001,200.00
66″x64″x84″ on steel stand on wheels. (24″ tall)1536$10,000.00$500.006,000.0024,000.00
63″x60″x49″ with steel stand on wheels. (36″ tall)802$5,000.00$400.001,000.009,520.00
30″ dia. X 32.50″ tall140$1,200.00$150.0085.001,500.00
32″ dia. X 31″ tall160$1,200.00$150.00200.001,600.00
48″ dia. X 14″ tall125$2,000.00$200.00270.001,300.00
48″ dia. X 72″ tall with steel base on wheels. (20″ tall)750$5,000.00$400.00350.008,500.00